South Bohemia, Czech Republic — October 2013



Travelling with Richard Miles:

Greek Temple of Segesta, Sicily, Italy

With his RCA portable transistor 7 radio blasting away in the back of a local cab from the train station, Elvis is about to leave for the Hotel Jefferson, where he was staying. He had two performances that day at the Mosque Theater that afternoon and evening. Richmond, VA. June 30, 1956.

© Alfred Wertheimer

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I was never cool in high school. Thank God for that! Trust me: being too cool too soon is no good. Those cool guys never end up on a stage like this one. The Black Keys, Midlake: none of them were cool guys in high school. The cool guys are now – I don’t know – accountants. They’re smoking cigars and cheating on their wife. I keep telling my own kids – and I tell your kids right now: don’t peak too early!
Eddie Vedder at Rock Werchter 5/7/2014 (via high-amongst-the-waves)